Cyber Security Solutions by Fox Data

We support your secure digital transformation! Expert IT security consulting and powerful IT security tools by Fox Data from the firm basis for an integrated cyber security strategy and safeguard your sustainable business success. Following are our services

  1. Manage Detection & Response, Rapid Assistant
  2. Cyber Security Consulting Services
  3. Identity Access Management, SSO, Privileged User Management & MFA
  4. Endpoint Security, EDR, Email, Web & Mobile Security
  5. Security Policy Management
  6. Vulnerability & Patch Management
  7. Fortigate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)


Manage Detection & Response, Rapid Assistant

Cloud-Delivered Managed Detection and Response (eSentire)
See Everything. Miss Nothing. Take control of your risk. Our cloud-delivered Managed Detection and Response platform is purpose-built to find and stop threats in real-time across your digital landscape.
The eSentire MDR difference
eSentire invented the MDR category and we’re continually reinventing it. Lean on us for leading technology and the industry’s top expert threat hunters.

  1. Our SOCS investigate and respond to threats 24x7 in real time
  2. Industry-leading Detection and Unlimited Incident Response
  3. Zero Trust Approach and 360-degree Visibility
  4. More Than Alerts
  5. Harden Against Future Attacks
  6. 35 seconds for initial response and 20 minutes to contain
RAPID ASSIST SERVCIE: - Rapid Containment, Reduced Threat Actor Dwell Time, Confirmation of Threat Elimination and Monitoring for Re-entry
  1. Prolonged incident dwell time
  2. Prolonged containment timeframes
  3. Limited visibility across network and endpoint activity
  4. Lack of in-house tools to collect data to aid forensic investigation
  5. Expertise needed to conduct forensic investigation
  6. Lack of expertise to determine go-forward plans for detection and response
  7. Required monitoring for threat re-entry

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Moving cyber security in the right direction with comprehensive managed security consulting services
Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud & Internet of Things (SMACT) technologies make today's digital enterprise increasingly vulnerable. Mitigating the threat of cyber-attack is a strategic priority. Understand and manage your risk with our cybersecurity strategic and operational consulting and audit services.

As the internet has revolutionized communication, its uses and the conveniences come at a great price. You are always open to an online fraud, property damage and theft, when you don't have any online defense. Vigilance and security are very important for keeping yourself and your property safe.

Successfully bridging the security knowledge and resource gap
In an evolving digital economy, protecting your business requires defense in depth. From routine system maintenance to the performance of regular cyber assessments and 24/7 network monitoring, keeping out threats demands a combination of measures that only multiple layers of security can provide.

Unfortunately for many organizations in UAE, particularly those without specialist security skills and resources, implementing the processes and controls needed to mitigate risk can be hard to achieve.

  1. How do you know if your business is resilient enough?
  2. Are you compliant with privacy and security regulations and corporate policy?
  3. Is it possible to combine digital transformation with acceptable risks?
  4. How secure are your website, apps, data centres and data?
  5. How to transform your current practices to manage increasing threats?

Fox Data is available to help businesses addresses today’s mounting cyber security challenges. Leveraging experienced security experts, cutting-edge tools and threat intelligence, our range of cost-effective services are designed to:

  1. Vulnerability Assessment
  2. Penetration Testing & Infrastructure security assessment
  3. Virtual CISO
  4. Managed Threat Hunting
  5. Provide help, support and advice when needed
Identity & Access Management, Privileged User Management, SSO & Multi-Factor-Authentication

IAM:The basis to protect your own networks and information resources against unauthorized accesses is a stable identity and access management (IAM). Whereas basic roles and their rights are defined and administrated in the identity management, the access management system manages the granting and the administration of individual access rights and privileges to certain parts of the physical or IT-based infrastructure. In addition to the preferably automated or at least tool-based management and provision of rights, the transparency of all access in the sense of

  1. Who is Accessing?
  2. What they can access?
  3. What can they do with that access?

Why Fox Data IAM
Identity and access management (IAM) is a system for securely initiating, storing and managing user identities and access permissions. IAM refers to a framework of polices and technologies for ensuring that the proper people in an enterprise have the appropriate access to the technology resources.

In the past, IT security was designed to keep people out of a network. Today, more and more data and applications need to be shared – from partners and customers to remote users in the field.

Businesses need to open their virtual doors to the world while ensuring only the trusted can enter. Many are turning to identity and access management solutions to achieve this.

Our team comes with rich domain expertise. we ensure that a proper IAM framework is in place, help you in choosing the right products, and customize them to fit the designed framework.

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Single Sign-on is part of a complete identity and access management solution for organizations adopting and building for cloud and mobile who need to contain costs, fulfill user productivity targets,and avoid security risks.

Why SSO? The enterprise cloud revolution is here. IT organizations everywhere, from small and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, are moving from on-premises software to on-demand,cloud-based services. As enterprise IT makes this transition to a new hybrid on-demand/on-premises configuration, controlling who is granted access to which applications becomes increasingly important. This presents CIOs and their teams with a whole new set of identity management challenges. In addition, users must keep track of multiple URLs, user names, and passwords to get access to their applications. This is a headache for users and a security risk for IT organizations.

SSO solves these issues by providing employees with a single point to log in and access all of their applications, while allowing IT departments to securely manage user credentials. For a solution to be enterprise-ready, it needs to be able handle an organization’s varying, ever-changing demands. This is especially important for companies with geographically dispersed employees and many subdivisions.

Fox Data offers Always On Single Sign-on. Some of the key capabilities are

  1. Integrated Access Management
  2. Customizable User Experience
  3. Secure Directory with Integration
  4. Real-Time Security Reporting

Secure access for your entire business because data breaches involved weak or stolen credentials. The increase and ease by which attackers can steal credentials through social engineering and phishing means all applications should be secured, not just “critical apps.” We are partnered with Okta to provide Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which provides the additional security to protect organizations from data breaches while offering administrators and end users the simplicity to stay productive.

Implement a variety of different factors for authentication across usability and assurance levels:

  1. Knowledge factors
  2. Possession factors
  3. Biometric factors

Contextual Access Management (Adaptive MFA )-Set intelligent access and authentication policies based on login context.

  1. Location Context
  2. Device Context
  3. Network Context

Privileged Identity:

Privileged identity refers to the pre-built accounts in nearly every operating system and application. Privileged accounts are general user identities distinguished by the assignment of security, administrative, or system authorities. Privileged identities are typically distinguished by the names they use. These "privileged users" pose a challenge to IT security, as they can inadvertently jeopardize their organization's IT resources and data, either from criminal energy or because their access data may end up in the wrong hands.

Privileged identity refers to the pre-built accounts in nearly every operating system and application. Privileged accounts are general user identities distinguished by the assignment of security, administrative, or system authorities. Privileged identities are typically distinguished by the names they use.


The most disruptive attacks centre on controlling your most valued assets with privileged access. It’s clear; privileged accounts, credentials and secrets deliver an unobstructed pathway to critical on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure and applications.

Fox Data and our solution vendor provides a complete solution to protect, monitor, detect, alert and respond to privileged account activity. Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organization faces today. These powerful accounts are used in nearly every cyber-attack, and they allow anyone who gainspossession of them to control organization resources, disable security systems, and access vast amounts of sensitive data.

Endpoint Security, EDR, Email, Web & Mobile Security

Endpoint Security: Protection in Action

The threat landscape is constantly changing, and traditional security solutions can’t keep up. Turning to multiple point products on a single endpoint results in too many products that don’t work together, increases complexity, slows your users, and leaves gaps in your security. To further complicate matters, you’re moving to the cloud and need flexible security deployment options that will adapt as your needs change. There is no silver bullet that stops all of today’s evolving threats. You need better advance security that uses the right technique for each type of threat without slowing you down. Security that is connected by using multiple layers to stop emerging threats and reduce management overhead. Security that is optimized to work in your environment from a forward-thinking, proven vendor that is always working on the next generation of security. Fox Data and its Solution Vendor offers the latest Next Gen Endpoint Security Platform

Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR):
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a cybersecurity technology that addresses the need for continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats. It is a subset of endpoint security technology and a critical piece of an optimal security posture.

Gartner’s Anton Chuvakin first coined the term Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) in July 2013 to define “the tools primarily focused on detecting and investigating suspicious activities (and traces of such) other problems on hosts/endpoints.” While it’s a relatively new category of solutions, you’ll also see this grouping referred to simply as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), which is sometimes compared to Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in terms of overall security capabilities.

Endpoint detection and response is an emerging technology addressing the need for continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats. One could even make the argument that endpoint detection and response is a form of advanced threat protection.

Implement next-generation endpoint protection with rapid time-to-value with Fox Data and our Solution Partner.EDR, an essential component in a modern protection strategy.: "Enterprises that know compromise is inevitable and are looking for endpoint-based approaches for advanced threat detection, investigation and response capabilities should consider EDR solutions."

Mobile Security

Smart phones, tablets and other employee-owned devices are now common place in the workplace. Organizations need strategies and solutions to manage these devices and, importantly, the sensitive data they access - without affecting employee productivity.

The growth of mobile devices and the demand for businesses to open up their corporate networks is increasing the opportunity for data loss. Now more than ever, it is critical that businesses secure their essential information at the end point with mobile security solutions.

Fox Data and its Partnerships on Endpoint Management and Mobile Security solutions can help you do all of this securely, covering all types of devices for corporate access,applications email and files.

Email Security

Protect your business from email-borne cyber threats.

Secure email gateways are no longer sufficient to defend against today’s sophisticated social-engineering attacks. These attacks bypass traditional security and end up costing organizations time, money, and brand equity. Fox Data offers Total Email Protection, the most effective solution to prevent targeted social-engineering attacks. Its multi-layered approach combines a secure email gateway, AI-powered fraud protection, and advanced security awareness training. This results in comprehensive protection against business email compromise, account takeover, and other advanced email threats.

ONDMARC Email Authentication

DMARC(Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is the only way to stop spoof emails.

  1. See who is using your domain to send fake emails.
  2. Stops criminals from being able to send fraudulent emails from your account.
  3. Boosts your email deliverability by verifying you as the genuine sender

What does OnDMARC do?

OnDMARC is a cloud-based application that enables organisations to quickly configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all their legitimate email sources. This instantly blocks any email impersonation-based phishing attacks

Security Policy Management

Making changes to the network security policy is a manual, complex, and error-prone process which slows down your business. Mistakes are common – and they cause rework, compliance violations and application outages. To add to the complexity, the change process often involves multiple devices and teams, including security, networking and application delivery, who all have different objectives and communicate using different terminology.

Process security policy changes in minutes not days

With our solution offering you can accurately process security policy changes in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Using intelligent, highly customizable workflows our solution streamlines and automates the entire security policy change process — from planning and design to proactive risk analysis, implementation on the device, validation and auditing.

Our Firewall Security Policy Management:

  1. Automate the entire change process
  2. Proactively assess the risk of every proposed change
  3. Intelligently design rule changes and validate correct implementation
  4. Push policy changes directly to the device
  5. Document changes and generate an audit trail
  6. Seamlessly integrate with existing ticketing systems
Vulnerability & Patch Management

Vulnerability Management:

Implement best-practices vulnerability management with Fox Data and its solution partner

What is Vulnerability Management?

Despite the existence of vulnerability scanning technologies for over a decade, many organizations continue to struggle with implementing a mature Vulnerability Management (VM) program that can demonstrate a quantifiable reduction in risk to the business.

Today, most organizations in UAE need some level of vulnerability management to better understand their exposure to cyber risks but lack the time, resources and expertise. Fox Data has partnered with OEMs to deliver industry best-practice vulnerability management services to our diverse range of our UAE based customers.

Patch Management

Manage OS and third-party application patch compliancem,

With security breaches the new normal, the rush is on to implement effective security practices and ensure proper patch compliance. And with the rising number of vulnerabilities in third-party applications, this includes solutions that install critical security updates for more than just Microsoft products.

Keep pace with the constant stream of security threats and patches

Fox Data and its solution vendor provides, industry-leading patch management to keep all your systems, operating systems, and third-party apps up to date with the latest patches. Includes

  1. Patch automation
  2. Heterogeneous platform support
  3. Third-party application patching
  4. Distributed and remote patching
  5. Virtualization support
  6. Centralized control
  7. Patch compliance
Fortigate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Next-generation firewalls filter network traffic to protect an organization from external threats. Maintaining features of stateful firewalls such as packet filtering, VPN support, network monitoring, and IP mapping features, NGFWs also possess deeper inspection capabilities that give them a superior ability to identify attacks, malware, and other threats.

FortiGate NGFW: Enterprise Firewalls

FortiGate NGFWs enable security-driven networking and consolidate industry-leading security capabilities such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection, and automated threat protection. Fortinet NGFWs meet the performance needs of highly scalable, hybrid IT architectures, enabling organizations to reduce complexity and manage security risks.

FortiGate NGFWs are powered by artificial intelligence (AI)-driven FortiGuard Labs and deliver proactive threat protection with high-performance inspection of both clear-text and encrypted traffic (including the industry’s latest encryption standard TLS 1.3) to stay ahead of the rapidly expanding threat landscape.

FortiGate NGFWs inspect traffic as it enters and leaves the network. These inspections happen at an unparalleled speed, scale, and performance and prevent everything from ransomware to DDoS attacks, without degrading user experience or creating costly downtime.

As an integral part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiGate NGFWs can communicate within the comprehensive Fortinet security portfolio as well as third-party security solutions in a multivendor environment. To increase the speed of operations and response, they share threat intelligence, and improve security posture and automated workflow.